Introduction to Screen of Green netting

Many of you will be aware of the term Scrog (Screen of green). For those who don’t know, it is a technique of growing marijuana that makes use of net so that height of plant can be controlled. Now, whenever you read or listen to the growers talking about screen of green netting, scrogging, scroging, scroggin etc. this is what they actually are talking about. People have been confusing another term with it for a longer period of time now and that’s SOG. SOG is (sea of green) and is completely opposite to what scrog is. SOG is another topic, for now just keep in mind that it involves growing numerous plants in a lesser period of time.

The screen can be a nylon netting, hemp net, wire mesh or string netting and is usually put up between the lights and plants. It helps in better growth of marijuana plants as now you can control it. As a result, the plants are grown in neat and disciplined rows.

What is required?

Here we will be discussing what you actually need for a screen-of-green netting.

  • First of all you need female plants of marijuana i.e. seeding from female clones or feminized seeds.
  • Next you need a screen. There are several sorts of screens including mesh and string. In HORTOMALLAS you cand find the perfect net for this technique.
  • Last you need some growing supplies that can help you with regular growth methods of plants.

    Sea of Green (SOG)
    It must be taken into account that the SOG (sea of green) method is very different from the SCROG (screen of green) method.

Why Female clones:

One may ask why feminized seeds or cannabis clones are being used. Well, the major advantage of this method is that you will be able to make the best use of grow lights by training the plants during vegetative period to develop a luxuriant screen of green.

Hence, this method will not work well when you have unfeminized or regular marijuana seeds. If you do so half of the resultant plants will be male and eventually you have to remove them because there is no other option.

SCROG Netting
The advantage of using the method of cannabis clones or feminised seeds is that you can make better use of the growth lights.

As one cannot describe whether a marijuana plant is female or male before the flowering stage, the male plants that you will be removing will leave holes. On the other hand, makes are lush green in gardens. So, this method will highly reduce the effectiveness of this complete process. Plants get trained around the scrog net and they simply can’t get re-arranged once they start training around scrog netting. Therefore, it is suggested that you should make use of the feminized clones or seeds from a familiar female plant.

Vegetative Section:

Next is the vegetative section. Here you need to make sure that a plant has a distance of almost 1 foot in between them. There should be enough room for the plants so that they can bush out easily. Scrog netting is best for maximizing the yields per number of plants as it grows bushy and short marijuana plants.  In scrog net, you have to keep the plants in vegetative section unless they have not filled up the complete area with lush green. If you notice the plants poking through the netting, all you need to do is simply bend them carefully underneath the screen. Another thing you can do is tying them with a wire.  The primary purpose is to train the plant to grow a nice and perfect canopy of green so that when you begin with flowering the buds grow in even rows that makes the maximum use of lights.

Flowering Stage:

Next is the flowering stage, you need to keep the plants underneath the screen by making use of lower stress training methods just as the bending mentioned above for about 14 days in the flowering stage. When you reach this point, letting colas begin to peek through the netting is okay. You should try to train tall colas so that they grow towards edges and not in the range of light. Try to keep the colas under light for as much shorter period as possible. If not, at least make sure that none of the tall colas are growing under the light directly. It helps in maximizing the distribution of light and also prevent the colas from getting burned underneath the lights. There is no doubt that screen-of-green netting work perfectly for smooth and efficient growth of marijuana plants.

Screen of green netting
The best part of using the SCROG mesh is that it helps maximize the yields of the marijuana plant as it grows.
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