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How SCROG mesh facilitates Cannabis crops


The SCROG mesh is one of the cannabis seed growing techniques most known by cannabis growers and one of the most effective. This technique consists in placing a net over the best branches of the cannabis plant to stabilize and support the stems during harvesting.

There are several advantages to using SCROG mesh in the cultivation of any cannabis crop. These include higher flower density and the elimination of excess lower stems that do not produce flowers. This immediately results in higher production and consolidation of flowering stems. Allowing growers to get higher yielding flowers in a small space. SCROG mesh also reduces the need for additional support branches, resulting in a cleaner, hassle-free solution.

Additionally, the SCROG mesh support puts gentle pressure on the flowers of the plants. Providing support to each flower with the goal of maximizing yield. This is achieve by keeping the lower sections of the stem open to UV light and sun. Thus allowing better nutrient flow from the lower bunches. This in turn helps prevent premature flower ripening, a problem commonly affecting high yielding crops.

It also simplifies the harvesting process by allowing growers to easily obtain the best bunches to pick.

The SCROG mesh is highly elastic, resulting in a clean.

Trouble-free distribution of simple pruning shears across the flowering tiers to be harvest. This is particularly useful when harvesting in wetter climates. As keeping moisture from the lower stem trunks while harvesting at the same time can be a problem. By using a perforated support, growers are allow to control the moisture and pressure of the lower bunch. Which helps keep the plant in perfect harmony.

SCROG mesh is one of the most commonly use cannabis seed growing techniques, particularly on a commercial scale. This practice reduces the amount of additional supports needed to hold the stems. Provides better performance of the lower stems through improved flow of UV light and nutrients to the flowers, facilitates harvesting, and helps maximize crop yield. Like so many modern cannabis growing techniques and practices.

screen of green method
SCROG netting is one of the most commonly used cannabis seed growing techniques as this practice consists of reducing the amount of additional supports needed to hold the stems.

SCROG mesh perfectly combines effectiveness with simplicity, making it one of the most effective cannabis growing techniques.

Safety precautions to be consider when growing cannabis

Cannabis production and cultivation have increased significantly in recent years. As more and more states legalize the medicinal and recreational use of this plant. Cannabis cultivation, however, is a delicate activity that requires a great deal of care, consideration and preparation. Cannabis growers should keep certain safety factors in mind before beginning the cultivation process.

The first important consideration when growing cannabis is to establish a safe place to store the plant. The best way to do this is to purchase products for the exclusive use of the crop, such as cabinets, frames, and pallets. The cabinet should be made of metal and should be attach to some solid surface. The frame, on the other hand, should be located in a place with good ventilation to avoid mold or moisture accumulation. Pallets should also be firmly attach to the floor and be able to support the weight of the plant. In addition, the cannabis plant storage location should be lock to ensure the physical safety of the plant.

A further important consideration for safe cannabis cultivation is to plan ahead for the amount and type of accessories and tools needed. This includes pots, soil, fertilizers, watering cans, stalagmites, feed lines, etc. These tools can be purchase at specialty stores for cannabis cultivation. In addition, there are many specific devices and tools for safe cannabis cultivation. Such as air filters, condensers, vents, special lighting, etc. These elements must be use safely, always following the manufacturer’s instructions, to avoid any damage to the plant or the users.

It is also important to maintain a safe environment for the care of the plant

This means making sure that the area is safe for producers and their workers. This includes maintaining good ventilation and a smoke-free environment where odors and light do not leak into other spaces. In addition, growers should carefully monitor elements, such as irrigation, to verify that the proper climate for plant grow is maintain.

Cannabis growers should make sure they have the means to handle any situation they incur during cultivation. This includes having safety equipment on hand such as gloves, masks and goggles, as well as a supply of water, first aid kits and cleaning products. It is also important for cannabis growers to have licenses, liability insurance, and other legal protection.

Safe cannabis cultivation requires consideration and preparation. Growers should be careful to choose the right location for plant storage, obtain the right supplies and tools, maintain a safe environment to care for the plant, and be prepare for any unexpect situation. These safety measures will help ensure that cannabis growers get the best results.

cannabis cultivation with support net
It should be noted that cannabis cultivation requires consideration and preparation where growers must be careful to choose the right place for plant storage.

Precautions to consider when growing cannabis

The precautions to take into account before harvesting cannabis are many and varied. The care and dedication necessary to obtain an optimal result are not for nothing, so be sure to provide the right environment and do not neglect any detail before harvesting. The following aspects should be take into account to achieve good results when harvesting cannabis.

Before harvesting hemp, the moon calendar should be consult to ensure that harvesting occurs at the optimal growth phase of the crop. This means that on a rising and new moon you should plan to harvest the hemp crop for best results. On the other hand, it is recommend to harvest from the sixth full moon onwards for optimal hemp harvests. You should also make sure that the hemp is not affect by insects or pests. Growers often use pesticides and fungicides to prevent pest attack, although some prefer to opt for natural methods to eradicate pests.

It is very important to choose the right hemp variety that is adapted to the optimum temperature, light and moisture requirements for a successful harvest. Different varieties have different nutritional needs, so make sure that nutrients are apply accurately to achieve good results. It is also imperative to perform a general inspection of the stalks and flowers before harvesting hemp. If there are signs of pest damage, eradication should be carry out immediately. Also, the maturity of the flowers should be monitored to ensure that they reach optimum maturity for the best harvesting results.

One of the important aspects to take into account for harvesting is to select the best time to achieve a clean and orderly harvest

Harvesting should be carry out during daylight hours, preferably avoiding early morning, to avoid dehydration or darkening of the flowers. In addition, another important aspect to take into account is the proper equipment. It is important to use gloves to avoid contact with hemp oils, and non-sharp tools such as stainless steel cutting blades to ensure a precise cut without damaging the crops.

It is recommended to keep the premises where hemp is harvested dehulled and well cleaned to avoid contamination. To achieve this, harvesting materials should be clean regularly, respecting the established toxicity limits.

Many details must be taken into account when harvesting hemp. These precautions are necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the cannabis. To achieve the best results when harvesting the crop.

SCROG mesh in a greenhouse
It is recommend to keep the facilities where hemp is harvest clean to avoid contamination.

Effects generated by the SCROG method in Cannabis


SCROG method or Screen of Green method is one of the most used methods in cannabis cultivation. This practice consists of using a mesh to guide the growth of the surrounding plants. Allowing a greater density and control over the size and generating a larger flower production.

SCROG (Screen of Green) method is one of the best cannabis growing techniques for those who wish to grow with an optimal yield of their plants. This growing technique involves the use of a screen and supports, to limit vertical growth and improve yields in lower colas and branches. It is a very old method use to simplify the growing process and maximize the available space per plant. Each plant is allowed to get a good accumulation of sunlight. Which in turn means that each of the side and lower branches of the plant, take better advantage of the sunlight rather than it being wasted. This could help maximize the volume of product and at the same time, reduce production time.

This method is essentially a way to force the plant to produce a compact bloom. After a period of regulation, the supports are place so that they are just above the plant. This will stop the vertical growth of the plant, allowing the branches to continue to expand horizontally. When this method is add to cannabis cultivation, growers are likely to get better light distribution, allowing for better grow, flowering and production.

cannabis plants trellised by support netting
The SCROG method consists in making the plant start to produce a compact flowering.

The most important advantage is that it allows the shape and size of the plant to be controll without the need for severe pruning

This means growers do not have to worry about having to remove extra leaves or branches to keep the plant at a reasonable size. However, the resulting plants can become denser than a normal growing plant, which can result in a heavier crop weight. When using the SCROG method, controlling plant growth angles can also be easier. This is because growers can use a variety of supports. Including self-adjusting supports, to direct plant growth in the desired direction. This can maximize light uptake for better yields.

The SCROG method maximizes potential yields for a grower. It can improve the utilization of space and resources to ensure maximum crop yield. It is also one of the easiest growing methods to learn, as well as to implement. Growers who want significant results with little effort can get a lot out of applying the SCROG method to their crop.

This type of cultivation offers a number of advantages, the main ones being the following:

1. Higher flower production: the mesh helps direct plant growth, which ultimately results in higher flower production. This is because, as light is more evenly distributed, all flowers receive approximately the same amount of light. This allows the plants to produce a much higher number of good quality flowers compared to conventional growing methods.

2. Higher yield: This not only translates into a higher number of flowers. But also into a higher yield per square meter. As space per square meter is rather limit, the use of netting helps to maximize crop yields.

3. Easy maintenance: The netting facilitates the maintenance of the crop. Plants develop uniformly and are attach to the netting. This prevents plants from growing out of control and allows you to water and ventilate more efficiently for better results. You can also easily remove fruiting stalks that develop outward from the mesh.

4. Better light for flowers: This practice also helps improve the light the flowers receive, allowing for optimal growth. This results in a plant with larger and better quality flowers.

5. Reduced risk of diseases and pests: Diseases and pests often cause many problems for cannabis growers, however. By using the SCROG method, the risk of infections is reduced, as most of them reduce the risk of infections. Because the plant can grow in a more organized and uniform manner. There are fewer hidden areas that can harbor parasites.

The SCROG method can offer many benefits to cannabis growers. Such as higher flower production, better light for the flowers, better yields per square meter and growth discipline. In addition to this, there is also a lower risk of diseases and pests. If you are considering using this method, be sure to follow each step for the best results.

cannabis plant with trellis netting
The SCROG method offers many benefits when applied to cannabis plants, one of them is a higher flower production.

Main qualities of using the SCROG method

The Screen of Green (SCROG) method is characterized by a trellis of frames placed over the cannabis plant to control its growth. Once the frames are placed, the grower controls growth by forcing the plant’s stems downward, where the frames act as a grid. This helps the plant maximize soil fertilization and allows the grower to control plant size to increase overall yield.  In this method, the plants receive a greater amount of sunlight and air. Allowing them to produce a greater amount of flower. This also helps improve the flavor and stability of the crop. Which increases the value of the crop to the grower. Growers also report larger flower size and higher weed production with trellising, even with smaller sized plants.

Obtaining a crop with higher yields is another benefit of growing with the SCROG method. Because of its trellis system, growers can maximize growing space by receiving a higher yield per square meter. Growers also report a shorter flowering time, which contributes to saving time and effort for growers. In addition, some growers have claimed that trellising reduces the possibility of pests and plant diseases, which helps ensure a quality crop every time.

One of the additional features to note about the SCROG method is that it allows growers to have quick and easy cloning

This means that growers can quickly take the main stems from the plant to clone it and get new plants of the same strain. This is a great advantage for those who want to grow several plants or varieties without the need to invest in new seeds each time.  And as a last point to consider, it offers growers the possibility of having greater control over the growth of their plants. Both light and airflow, nutrients and the growth of each individual stem can be controlled, allowing the grower to obtain a much healthier and better yielding plant.

The SCROG method is a highly effective cannabis growing technique that offers numerous benefits for growers. This technique allows for higher yields, larger flower size, shorter flowering time, improved quality and taste of the weed, easier cloning and greater control by growers. This technique has become one of the most popular and remains one of the most widely used cultivation techniques today.

SCROG method
Other benefits of the SCROG method are better light exposure for the flowers as well as improved yield per square meter and growth discipline.