Screen of green netting for improved growing

Using the screen of green netting to get best yield from your crop

You need to be using the screen of green netting method to be able to get the best yield from your indoor garden. More traditional approaches won’t get the best and highest quality from your crops as the Scrog methods. This process will help the crops get maximum light from your discharge lamps. The screen of green netting also abbreviated as Scrog is the most energy efficient and productive, not to mention a simple way of growing indoors. Scrog method is adding a screen to the sea of green technique. The green netting is polypropylene that is UV stabilized and will last over time and is reusable. The screen of green netting encourages high-quality yields and makes excellent use of small spaces. Gives optimum exposure to the light and is resistant to chemicals and bacteria’s. The Scrog netting is used for big or small plants and offers so many benefits to your crops and time with easy maintenance and organizing.

MALLAJUANA installed on vertical in crops
The Screen of green netting is a very durable system for provide support to your crops.

How to use the screen of green netting

cannabis crops using scrog method
The net improvement the quality of the plants providing the best support for them.

The screen of green netting will be robust enough to support the growing covering. The holes in the screen of green netting should be around the 5cm mark. This will allow the plant to grow completely through it and support the full plant. The screen netting goes between the plant and the discharge lamps. This way of plant training teaches them to grow through the netting until they are an average size of 10cm above the screen. Once they hit the 10cm height, you can then pull them back through again spreading them out where you prefer them to go. This usually is where they will achieve the best light. It’s best to cut the screen of green netting to the size of your discharge lamps, so there is no overlapping at the back with plants not getting enough light. The amount of area within the plant and the green screen has to be large enough so that you can easily maneuver around to manipulate the growing plants in their training cycle. The screen netting can easily be placed using plant stakes.  Nearly all strains can be grown using the green netting and Scrog method, yet be prepared as some will require more work than others.

Leaf trimming with the screen of green netting method

While the Scrog method is very reliable for the highest quality and great production rates, it isn’t natural for the plants as there is not enough room for the leaves. Leaf trimming is needed as the leaves can get in the way of the bubs accessing the light. You need to continue cutting back into the flowering stage and finishes at the ending stages of the flowering.

The flowering cycle using the screen of green netting

screen of green method used for support in cannabis crops
With this system net you gets the best support system and your plants gets the best growth and quality.

Once you have trimmed and pruned, its then time to thin out all the undergrowth. You need to keep the undergrowth area clean from dead leaves so that there is proper ventilation getting through to the canopy from underneath. This will make sure all the energy is directed towards the bigger plant buds instead of putting it on the smaller ones. Your canopy doesn’t need to be correctly even just well even enough so the light can be distributed to the plants evenly. Make sure there are no dominant outgrowths that are taking over cut them down to be even with the rest. Don’t let overriding buds to overhaul the canopy. Cut them down to the same size as the others. Because you are using an artificial light you will have to efficiently use the lighting. This is for two reasons because you want your plants to reach their potential and you have to pay the electricity bill. Using a few lights rather than one big light will give you more light coverage all around the crops.

Will I get air circulation with the screen of green netting?

Again, getting the undergrowth cleared out can help significantly with air flow. Air flow is an important part of the Scrog. Once the crops start budding, more leaves form it will get crowded. You will need constant air circulation twenty-four hours a day. If things get crowded underneath, mold and mildew will start to appear and can grow quite rapidly.

Benefits of using the screen of green netting

  • Easy and straightforward to do
  • Well suited for Sativa
  • Easy to maintain
  • Train the plant to grow how you want it to
  • Larger yields and better-quality plants
  • In the vegetative state, all you have to do is quickly weave the branches through the screen netting

    cannabis crops in scrog method
    The net has many benefits for you and your crops, doing it a good support system.

The screen of green netting provides support

When you lay, the trellis support net out it can also provide support for rows of tomatoes, melons, corns, beans and other climbing vegetables. As the trellis support net is thin but strong and steady, it avoids having to use thick hard to manage wires. The screen of green netting is very cost-effective for all crops and their yields. The screen of green will provide extra support for all off branches, and dense fruit that weighs the plant down and can snap the branches off. Beginners and intermediate levels are both able to use the screen of green netting as it’s easy to manage and no big frames are needed. Scrogging creates better crops and yields than the old ways of growing indoors as it’s time to enlarge the amount of plants you have previously grown – improve the quality and enjoy doing it. As long as you research how to use the screen of green netting and take on all the advice given, you can become an expert. This way of plant training will increase your crops and their production.

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