How to grow using the Scrog net method

Producing crops using Scrog net

Scrog Net for Beginners

Scrog net is a method used for increasing the growing season for flowering plants also called Scrogging. Scrog means screen of green. It helps you to get the best quality of growth and produce all within the one season. Scrogging is suited for people without much height available inside their growing set-up. Using a net encourages a horizontal growing instead of just vertical growing. With a few tips, it’s quite simple for beginners to start using the net method successfully. The Scrogging method of indoor gardening trains the plants by using a Scrogging net, which is a thin net screen that the plants grow up from. By doing this, you will increase the crops of small growths. It works by tolerating maximum space, taking advantage of the light available. Scrogging works great in quite small growing spaces.

The basics of using a Scrog net

The plants will grow wider with the help of this network while helping to distribute the light.

A few steps that any beginner grower can understand to help them get started with Scrogging. You need to buy a screen, some tight rope, and some wire. Try and buy some screen that is about two by two inches. Make sure the wire is strong enough and sturdy to be able to hold and support the plants? It’s important to get some good quality Scrog net as it’s the most significant part. The aim in Scrogging is to train the plants, getting them to grow it a particular way. New growers need to take ease and take their time as there is a thin line between damaging and training your plants. If you read up and do your research and know all about how to set up Scrogging correctly is a safe type of training for your plants. Putting a screen on the top of your plants helps to keep them shorter without limiting the growth. Your plants will just grow tall without using this method. The net gets your plants growing quite wide as well. By growing them wide, it helps distribute the light evenly within the leaves and branches.

How to Get Started with a Scrog Net

Scrogging is a simple effective method. You start by placing your screen about 20 inches away from the plants. Then you can take off the top most cola from each of the plants. When your plants have grown high enough, and are touching the screen start cropping. Prune the branches at the bottom of the plant. Once the plants have been pruned wait two to three days then force them into the flowering cycle. Make sure to keep all the branches connected to the screen to encourage horizontal growth and more exposure to light.

Benefits of using a Scrog net:

  • If a plant is left to grow without the net it will only develop one main central cola.
  • By using Scrog net, you are letting each branch create into a decent size
  • If a plant is left to grow lacking the training, it will mature just one dominant cola. With the Scrog net, each branch grows into a separate cola.
  • Scrog growing the branches are then trained to float over the top of a screen in a shelter.
  • Using the Scrogging net you’re giving the whole plant equal opportunity to access as much light as they can.
  • Consistency is important for the growing, and by using the net you will ensure the coherence every harvest.
  • The Scrog method can also be used for sativas.
  • These plants like to stretch up in the stage just before they flower.
  • They are often grown indoors using the Scrog net due to them being very tall plants.
  • Using a screen makes it easier down the track no need to use a pile of plant stakes everywhere you just use one single screen grid.
  • You can make mobile Scrogs in little micro grows. It is also successful for big super cropping as well.
  • With mobile Srogs there is no need for plant stakes behind the plants as the Scrog net is strong enough for the stems and the central stalk.

    If the plants grew enough you should prune and cut the branches.

Who can use a Scrog Net?

Indoor growers of beginner state or professional, with large area set-ups or small! It doesn’t matter the size as you can Scrog a single plant in a pot plant if you wish. Timing the cycle correctly is as vital as the actual Scrogging method itself. If you’re a person growing in soil or using a hydroponic setup the variances in the tactic and how people do it will vary. As long as you follow the right steps and take notes of the tips provided you shouldn’t have any problems in using a Scrogging net.

Scrog Net Airflow and Availability

By using a screen, you can have air flowing up to and around the plants. Oscillating fans are good at the top of the covering so that the plants can move and sway. Then a fan underneath the screen can help clean the air underneath your screen. It’s good to grow your plants in an accessible area so you can get to all your plants to maintain them when needed. If the plant is too lush and overwhelming, sometimes you cannot see certain problems like spider mites and mold growing. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on leaves that may be yellowing so you can remove them with ease and no damage to the plants.

A Scrog will assist you in getting the most out of your plants. It will benefit your crops to produce many bud sites and allow the flowers a chance to develop.

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