Obtain Private Garden with Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen Serves Different Purposes

An Investment that Pays Off

The comfortable garden is hard to imagine without privacy. It is an essential part of feeling at home, secure and protected from curious looks. When you go out in the garden to read a book, for example, to decorate or to meditate, you need intimacy, without feeling that somebody is watching you. A privacy screen is a material used to hide a place or objects from the curious look of other people. It can also have the additional function of decreasing the wind or keeping different debris outside your area. Some people put screens on the chain link fences or on gates without compromising the overall appearance of the front entrance. That means it can spread over the large surfaces all around your property or it can be applied to the gate separately. The choice depends on the specific needs of the property owner. At no terms will the screen disturb the look of the gate or fence. A tight-knit material can fit any shape and size of the fence, and the quality of it stands for the long-term use. It is a durable and economical solution that makes your investment pays off.

Privacy Screen
The privacy screen is a good option because in addition to giving you privacy also decreases the wind.

Fence Combined with the Privacy Screen

If you have a house with small garden, keep in mind that an economical way to make a fence around the garden is a chain link fence or chicken wire fence. Many people have different opinions about gates, and what to use, but in the chicken wire vs. hardware cloth discussion, each has its advantages. Hardware cloth is a flexible mesh made of woven wires. Chicken wire is a hexagonal galvanized mesh used to make fences or enclosures for animals. Both have different chicken wire textures. However, if you don’t like how your fence looks, but you want to use one of these meshes, you can hide them with a privacy screen and achieve more attractive appearance besides the higher level of privacy. Usually, the screen can be placed over the chain link fence and it is more affordable than to make other barriers.

Plants with chicken wire
Chicken wire is used to build fences or enclosures for animals.

Plain or Printed Screen

A wide range of colors and appealing textile prints is available. A plain privacy screen is an economical option. You can find these screens in different colors and transparency levels up to 98%. Another option is the printed fence screen. Usually, the image has been printed on white polyester. This screen allows you to put whatever image you want on your fence. A new invention in screens is the acoustic fence. This fence reduces the noise. This screen is an excellent solution for many problems. We can often see it along the highways sections in urban areas. Some screens are excellent for dog runs and kennels. They offer shade in summer and are also rot resistant. The windscreens help you to keep dust out, reduce the wind, and make an excellent barrier if you have a family event in the backyard. You can make shade sails for your garden to protect your family during the summer. They are easy to install and represent an adequate solution on many occasions.

Plant with plastic mesh
Some screens are also used for dog racing and offer shade and are resistant.

Implement Screen in Exterior and Interior

Privacy screen can be used almost everywhere on many occasions like weddings, constructions, or just at home as garden windscreens. The wide range of purposes depends on the specific needs. Fence screening is used to block prying eyes on construction sites, sports fields, deck screens, tennis courts, and many more. Some old gates with the maintained frame can be easily renewed with the privacy screen. On a special occasion, such as the wedding, the screen on gates or chain link fences can be combined with wedding decoration and add to the more appealing entrance. A chain link fence and gate is perfect to see outside your garden, but it is also perfect for your neighbor to keep an eye on you, and also for strangers to analyze your house. If you don’t feel comfortable being watched, a privacy screen is an affordable solution. It is easy to install, blocks the view from the street but still allows you to see outside your confined space. Visibility blockage varies, and you can choose it in accordance with your preferences. A windscreen is recommended in windy places, where you need security besides privacy. It is also excellent to hide a pool filter, air conditioning units or gas bottles behind it.

The exterior of your home is not the only place you can apply the screen. Interior offers a lot of opportunities as well. If you have a larger room, you can divide it using a privacy screen. With a little creativity, you can compliment a bedroom with a nice wardrobe. Another excellent idea is to use it as a decoration on the wall and obtain a stunning effect in the room.

Privacy screen installed in a field
The privacy screen is not only used for fields or gardens, it is also used for areas under construction or for events such as weddings.

Protecting Construction Sites

The common use of textile screens is on construction sites. Facades are often covered with screens protecting passers-by from possible injury. Small parts of concrete or stone can fall suddenly and make harm. A screen mesh keeps the falling object in the secured area, and it is in the accordance with the protection policy. These meshes have high resistance in any weather or substances. Heavy wind or downpours do not affect it.

To install a privacy screen or a gate you can opt for a DIY method or you can hire a professional. Having a specialist guarantees a top quality result. If you have already a chain link fence and you want a little change without spending a fortune, a screen is an answer. For other situations like demolitions, renovations, weddings, parties or other events you can opt for the same or similar solution.

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